Unitech lightning and earthing protection products was founded by Singaporean pioneer Steve Yeo. In its past 40 years, Unitech has continued to strive for perfection through its research & development based on leading national standards.

With a global distribution network spreading across 5 continents and over 40 countries, Unitech has become one of the leading renowned brands in the lightning & earthing protection industry.

With a complete range of products consisting of air terminals, flat & round conductors, exothermic welding & earthing accessories, we have put together one of the most extensive product ranges in our industry complying to standards such as BS EN, IEC & UL.

Unitech's lightning and earthing solutions are widely used in construction, telecommunications, railways, power distribution networks, oil & mining industries. Our safe & reliable products can offer solutions in the most difficult situations

Our continual success over 40 years has been based on our uncompromising quality, service, technical support and reputation. Our sole mission is to carry this tradition for years to come.