Earthing Rods

Solid Copper Earth Rod

Rod Dia Length Part No
14mm 1200mm SCE1412
14mm 1500mm SCE1415
16mm 1200mm SCE1612
16mm 1500mm SCE1615
20mm 1200mm SCE2012
20mm 1500mm SCE2015
25mm 1200mm SCE2512
25mm 1500mm SCE2515
Stainless Steel Rod  
Rod Dia Length Part No
16mm 1200mm SSE1612
16mm 1500mm SSE1615
20mm 1200mm SSE2012
20mm 1500mm SSE2015
Driving Stud  
Rod Dia Part No
14mm DS014
16mm DS016
20mm DS020
25mm DS025
Coupling Dowel  
Rod Dia Part No
M10 CP010
Rod Dia Part No
14mm DSK14
16mm DSK16
20mm DSK20
25mm DSK25
Unitech Copperbond Earth Rod - To IEC 62561-2  
Steel Core: Low carbon high tensile steel, AISI-1018 (SAE-1018), UTS = 600N/mm2
Copper Jacket: 254 microns of 99.9% pure electrolytic
Rod Dia (Nominal) Length Rod Dia (Actual) Part No (Threaded) Part No (Non-Threaded)
(1/2")12.5mm 1200mm(4') 11mm B001 NE001
(1/2")12.5mm 1500mm(5') 11mm B002 NE002
(1/2")12.5mm 1800mm(6') 11mm B003 NE003
(1/2")12.5mm 2400mm(8') 11mm B004 NE004
(1/2")12.5mm 3000mm(10') 11mm B005 NE005
(9/16")14mm 1200mm(4') 12.5mm B101 NE101
(9/16")14mm 1500mm(5') 12.5mm B102 NE102
(9/16")14mm 1800mm(6') 12.5mm B103 NE103
(9/16")14mm 2400mm(8') 12.5mm B104 NE104
(9/16")14mm 3000mm(10') 12.5mm B105 NE105
(5/8")16mm 1200mm(4') 14.2mm B201 NE201
(5/8")16mm 1500mm(5') 14.2mm B202 NE202
(5/8")16mm 1800mm(6') 14.2mm B203 NE203
(5/8")16mm 2400mm(8') 14.2mm B204 NE204
(5/8")16mm 3000mm(10') 14.2mm B205 NE205
(3/4")19mm 1200mm(4') 17.2mm B301 NE301
(3/4")19mm 1500mm(5') 17.2mm B302 NE302
(3/4")19mm 1800mm(6') 17.2mm B303 NE303
(3/4")19mm 2400mm(8') 17.2mm B304 NE304
(3/4")19mm 3000mm(10') 17.2mm B305 NE305
(1")25mm 1200mm(4') 23.1mm B401 NE401
(1")25mm 1500mm(5') 23.1mm B402 NE402
(1")25mm 1800mm(6') 23.1mm B403 NE403
(1")25mm 2400mm(8') 23.1mm B404 NE404
(1")25mm 3000mm(10') 23.1mm B405 NE405
M18 1500mm(5') 16mm B1615 NE1615
M18 1800mm(6') 16mm B1618 NE1618
M18 2400mm(8') 16mm B1624 NE1624
M18 3000mm(10') 16mm B1630 NE1630
M20 1500mm(5') 18mm B1815 NE1815
M20 1800mm(6') 18mm B1818 NE1818
M20 2400mm(8') 18mm B1824 NE1824
M20 3000mm(10') 18mm B1830 NE1830
M22 1500mm(5') 20mm B2015 NE2015
M22 1800mm(6') 20mm B2018 NE2018
M22 2400mm(8') 20mm B2024 NE2024
M22 3000mm(10') 20mm B2030 NE2030
M24 1500mm(5') 22mm B2214 NE2214
M24 1800mm(6') 22mm B2218 NE2218
M24 2400mm(8') 22mm B2224 NE2224
M24 3000mm(10') 22mm B2230 NE2230
M27 1500mm(5') 25mm B2515 NE2515
M27 1800mm(6') 25mm B2518 NE2518
M27 2400mm(8') 25mm B2524 NE2524
M27 3000mm(10') 25mm B2530 NE2530
* Special sizes and copper thickness can be supplied on request.  
Stainless Steel Sheathed Earth Rod  
Rod Dia Length Part No
12.5mm 1400mm OS12514
12.5mm 1800mm(6') OS12518
12.5mm 2400mm(8') OS12524
Stainless Steel Coupling  
Thread Size Length Part No
12.5 60mm CPSS500