Lightning Resistance Transformer

LRT Lightning Resistance Transformer
LRT - 1.5KC
The LRT type can minimizes the damage of lightning surge and guarantee the surge attenuation rate (transfer rate: -60dB) by a lighting resistance transformer itself, and in other words, it can be attenuated to the ratio of 1000:1. The most suitable application would be Mobile satellite station, sever and storage, and protection of electronics measurement apparatuses at laboratory and Security control room.

Attenuation rate = 20log Vs / Vp (dB)
Vp: Primary voltage
Vs: Secondary voltege
Attenuation rate: High Performance of -60dB
Capacity: 1,5KV x 2Set
Primary: Your Country Voltage
Secondary: Your Country Voltage
Standard: IEC61558
Withstand voltage: for 1 minte at 10KV (Between primary ~ Secondary winding and ground)
Withstand voltage against shock wave: 30kV (1.2 x 5.0 u S)
Voltage Fluctuation rate: 5
Insulation resistance: 100M or more with DC 1000V Ohmmeter.
Mold Type Wide Depth Height Weight
LRT-1.5KC 250mm 340mm 345mm 28kg
LRT-3KC 350mm 430mm 765mm 80kg